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Contempt of Court

Police Officer Loses Job After “Scotch Botch” Fingerprint Scandal

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No 4 In The Most Important Albums Of All Time

Wikimedia Commons

№ 3 In The Top Ten Most Important Albums Of All Time

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№2 — Marquee Moon by Television

Image by Roberta Bayley. Public Domain.

The Greatest Album Ever

Creative Commons licence, Author: Helge Øverås,

Teenager Murdered in Bath, England in 1984, Killer Brought to Justice in 2016

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Robert Mone and his father, Robert Mone, in one-upmanship scandal

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Beautiful seaside bungalow scene of a mysterious killing

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Glasgow gangster murdered outside his home

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Murder at The Ponderosa

Graeme A Henderson

True Crime and Crime Fiction writer, not a serial killer. But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

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